When you "promote" or "demote" someone - its the same thing as "like" / "dislike" but cooler obviously - then their title can change. Absolutely senseless Meetings with no merit and no value will typically see promotions to more powerful (and useles) job titles. You can only vote to "promote" or "demote" a story once, so choose carefully.

There are many job titles waiting to be unlocked. These are the current job titles earned by our community based on your feedback, in ascending order:


Scum of the earth. Complete riff raff. As they are typically unpaid these peons can not afford to be completely useless, and therefore are subhuman in the eyes of a high ranking suit.


Disgusting human beings if you want to call them that. Creepy, reclusive and weird. How's that level 50 paladin? Yeah, I don't care, I'll be on my yacht surfing the internet from 7 IPads.

Human Resource Manager

Ever heard of the NHRA? I'll answer that for you. No, you haven't. The National Human Resources Association meets regularly to discuss compliance. Now we're cooking with gas. These people are the architects of meaningful, pointed, and profitable policy meetings.

Project Manager

You can't just become a Bob. You have to earn it. At this stage in your career, you'll be learning the ropes. You'll quickly learn that you can't ask questions via company IM or Email. That would be too easy. You'll need to visit many cubicles - in person. The impromptu 'Stand-up Meeting' is a skill that must be mastered if you plan on scheduling more advanced quarterly progress meetings.

Project Managers don't bore themselves with the nuances and details of a project - they're far too busy. Substance is not an issue. Neither are results. They just want ETA's, and ETA's of when you're ETA's will be available.

Without Project Managers everyone would die. Immidiately.

General Manager

Main Lieutenant and last line of defense for the Bobs. What? You think you can just waltz into a highly decorated suit's office and just start asking questions? Don't be silly. You must go through the appropriate channels. First email your team lead, then go to the project manager who will (when he has time) consult the general manager. As the only mature adult, the General Manager will schedule a meeting of course.

Chief Operations Officer

If you thought there wasn't enough bureaucracy, then you were right. The COO is a highly coveted senior management position who is scarcely seen around the office. This is because he is busy attending very important board meetings - the cadillac of conferences.

If not for these board meetings, no one would know how to do their job, causing mass hysteria. Satelites would crash. Asians would be bad at math. And government employees, Hillary forbid, would have to begin the process of forming a committee to research what their actual job is - then, perhaps, do it.

Chief Financial Officer

Not the smartest guy on the team. Or is he. Like his fellow senior management gulag friends, this person doesn't produce anything. That would be absurd. The primary function of the CFO is to count. With such strict standards very few qualify for this position.

A company just go around willy nilly spending money - you have to know how much you have. Before CFO's this task was impossible.

Chief Executive Officer

CEO is latin for "I'm awesome. Yip, I'm basically Jesus."

Director of Corporate Events

Think you can book a hotel? Maybe order a pizza? No? Of course you can't. You don't have a Master's.


There are times when those people whose job it is to tell other people what to do just don't know what to do. In fact, this is very common. There is a whole industry of Bobs for Bobs.

Senior Administrative Meeting Coordinator

Now, who can the Bobs of the Bobs turn to when in dire straits? So the mystery is solved. Though we may call them Senior Administrative Meeting Coordinators it's only a matter of time before a more glorious and powerful position is discovered. There's really no end in sight to the infinite corporate Hierarchy.

To be unlocked...

Something more useless than you can possibly imagine...

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