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Find out the average meeting cost for others in your industry! Earn the respect fellow meeting enthusiasts around the world. Using meeting cost, accomplishments, and your description you can be promoted/demoted by your peers! Lets see if you can get that nice suit you've always wanted!
Recent Meetings of Power
Dana $865
s $750
d $0
Team $962
damn $1262
Are you a moron?
Find out now by calculating how much money you have cost your company by scheduling pointless meetings! Wasting time transcends industry barriers - anyone can do it. If you or someone you know isn't bogged down for several hours a week listening to idiots talk, then consider using our patented meeting calculator technology. Impress coworkers and your boss with your thoughts, opinions and ideas.
Tired of being lonely?
Head down to the conference room with several of your closest buddies. You can point at charts and agree that there are indeed lines and possibly numbers on them. Do you really think you have what it takes to waste thousands of dollars of other people's money?
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